About MBA Discovery

With over 50 different MBAs in Australia, choosing an MBA that’s right for you is difficult.

We understand that you want a course that will allow you to:

  • work while you study
  • study when and where it suits you
  • graduate as fast as possible
  • take a break if life gets too busy

That’s why MBA Discovery has partnered with selected universities that all offer a unique accelerated learning model.

Where most MBAs might take you up to four years to complete part-time, these MBAs have a six study period calendar, meaning you can finish your degree in half the time it usually takes.

Many MBAs only offer ‘partially’ online curriculum and involve exams or units that require some on-campus commitment. With MBA Discovery you can be sure that you will be studying a course that is 100% online. So it’s your choice whether you study from the comforts of your own home, on your commute to work, or while you’re chilling on a beach in Bali. It’s completely up to you.

And no, you won’t be doing it alone. When you study online with these selected universities you will be supported by a dedicated Student Success Advisor from the start. They will help you with everything from initial consideration right through to graduation. There are also dedicated online discussion forums and chat features so that you can easily engage fellow students and academics.

When you enquire, MBA Discovery will pass on your details to your chosen university and an Enrolment Advisor will contact you to answer any questions.

Take the first step to change your career today and enquire about one of our MBAs.