Finding the best online MBAs in Australia

So, you’re ready to boost your career with an online MBA. Congratulations on a truly life-enhancing decision. All that’s left to do is to choose the best online MBA.

Of course, ‘best’ depends on your unique needs. Are you an entrepreneur or are you climbing the corporate ladder? Do you have a passion for not-for-profit or are you planning to bank billions? Is your focus on your local neighbourhood or are you going global?

MBA Discovery is about helping you make the right decision for your specific and distinctive needs as you face potentially the most important choice of your career.

Our top guides for choosing an online MBA

The Complete Guide to Online MBA Rankings in Australia

The Complete Guide to Online MBA Rankings in Australia

A lot of heavy lifting has already been done around ranking various aspects of online MBAs in Australia, and judging the business schools that create them.
In this powerful analysis we summarise the methodologies behind, and results of, Australian MBA rankings from several of the most respected ranking institutions.

What Are The Cheapest Online MBAs in Australia

What Are The Cheapest Online MBAs in Australia

As the Australian online MBA rankings prove, the most expensive isn’t always the best. Often, when individual requirements are taken into account, the more affordable courses can actually be the better option.
Come with us on a journey through Australia’s cheapest online MBAs. You might just bag a bargain!

How Much More Do MBA Graduates Earn?

How Much More Do MBA Graduates Earn?

What’s the average salary of MBA graduates, and do people really earn more after graduating with an MBA? We look into the real-life economic impact of being an MBA graduate to discover how much more MBA graduates earn.

How hard is an MBA online?

How hard is an online MBA?

From earning a place in an online MBA program to keeping up with the online learning workload, getting the coursework done and coming out the other end with a powerful accreditation, how does the reality stack up?

Is an online MBA taken seriously?

Is an online MBA taken seriously

Whether an online MBA program is taken seriously has a lot to do with the specific business school and less to do with opinions around the way the degree program was conducted.

How to apply for an MBA

How to apply for an MBA

It’s the degree employers look for when they need managers, leaders, change makers, innovators and strategists, so it’s no wonder MBA degrees are in great demand. But what does it take to get in?

What skills does an MBA give you?

What skills does an MBA give you?

The success of any course, online or face-to-face, can only truly be measured by the new skills graduates have. So, what new skills do MBA graduates boast, and how do those skills offer greater job opportunities?

Why are MBAs so expensive?

Why are MBAs so expensive

Thankfully, there are many more choices in MBAs these days, particularly due to the development of high-quality online MBA programs. But some MBA courses are still very expensive. Why are MBAs so expensive?

MBA vs EMBA: Which degree is right for you?

MBA vs EMBA: Which degree is right for you?

Two exceptionally powerful degrees, the MBA and Executive MBA, differ in a few key ways, including purpose, assumed knowledge and professional experience and course delivery. Here’s how to choose which business degree is right for you.

Why study an MBA?

Why study an MBA?

As any MBA graduate will tell you, the success of a project relies heavily on the clarity of its purpose. That includes studying an MBA. So why would you study an MBA?

  • Is an online MBA recognised globally?

    Online MBAs have grown significantly in popularity, and allow students all over the world more options for their postgraduate study. Whether or not an MBA graduate has conducted their business degree online or face-to-face matters little to employers. What matters more is the reputation of the university, institution or business school that is providing the MBA program.

  • How much does it cost to complete an MBA Online?

    Depending on which online MBA you choose, the costs can vary depending on the university and how many units you are required to complete. For many online MBAs in Australia, students can be eligible for FEE-HELP, which is a government loan scheme to help pay all of part of your tuition fees.

  • How long does it take to complete an online MBA?

    Every online MBA is different, but most can be completed in around two years. However, because online MBAs are designed to be more flexible than traditional on-campus programs, you can usually tailor your study to fit your schedule and take breaks in-between units.

  • Can I apply for an MBA without a graduate degree?

    Every online MBA has different entry requirements,however many have alternative entry pathways based on prior work experience or completion of a graduate certificate. So even if you do not have a bachelor degree, you can still find a pathway to studying your MBA online.

  • Will an online MBA help my career? Is an MBA worth it?

    Studying an MBA can have many benefits, including career progression, increased salary and stronger strategic and leadership skills.

  • Does having an MBA increase your salary?

    Salaries for MBA graduates are dependent on many factors, including industry and experience. However, studies have shown that having an MBA usually correlates to an increased salary for graduates.

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Our Featured Online MBA's

SCU Online MBA

One of Australia’s top value MBAs

  • 2 years (part-time)*
  • Choose from 4 specialisations
  • Entry without bachelors available
VU Online MBA

Awarded a Tier 1 Rating by CEO Magazine (2019)

  • 2 years (part-time)
  • 4 layers of dedicated support
  • Entry without bachelors available
3 jcu online logo
JCU Online MBA Global

Times Higher Education’s Top 50 under 50

  • 2 years (part-time)
  • 3 qualifications in 1
  • Entry without bachelors available
4 RMIT-Online-Primary-Logo

RMIT Online’s MBA is the new MBA for the future

  • 2.7 years (part-time)
  • 3 qualifications in 1
  • Entry without bachelors available
  • Tailor your degree through minors

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