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Ready to take the next step in your career? Looking for a postgraduate qualification that can take you there? With an array of online institutions and areas to study, an MBA remains a popular choice. But with all the options, finding the right program to suit your goals can be challenging.

When searching for the best online MBA in Australia you need to find a program that aligns with your preferences and goals. MBA Discovery is here to help you make that important decision by exploring your options and the programs offered by some of Australia’s leading universities.

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An MBA can equip you with relevant skills for today’s business world and the future of work. Boost your leadership, problem-solving, critical thinking, decision-making and other soft skills and develop your technical skills in marketing, accounting, and corporate governance.

With offerings from four leading Australian universities, MBA Discovery makes it easier to navigate your options. When you compare MBA programs and have the support of our Student Enrolment Advisors, taking the next step towards your professional goals is easier than ever.

Our Featured Online MBAs

1 Southern Cross University logo
SCU Online MBA

One of Australia’s top-value MBAs

  • Two years (part-time)
  • Choose from four specialisations
  • Entry without bachelor's degree available
3 James Cook University logo
JCU Online MBA Global

Times Higher Education’s top 25 in Australia

  • 2 years (part-time)
  • Three qualifications in one
  • Entry without bachelor's degree available
4 RMIT logo

RMIT Online’s MBA is the new MBA for the future

  • Two years (part-time)
  • 3 qualifications in 1
  • Entry without bachelor's degree available
  • Tailor your degree through minors

How to choose an MBA program

Selecting the best MBA in Australia means finding the program that’s best for you. Choosing the right online MBA program for you is an investment in your future, providing you with the opportunity to gain specialised knowledge, develop critical skills, and expand your professional network.

By making an informed choice and selecting the online MBA program that resonates with your professional goals and personal circumstances, you are setting yourself up for success and taking a significant step towards unlocking a world of opportunities for your career.

To ensure your new qualification is the right fit, consider these factors:

  • Professional goals
    Ready to climb the corporate ladder? Moving into a new industry? An MBA can be a stepping stone toward achieving your professional goals, so choose a program with aligned outcomes.
  • Unit options
    Explore the units offered in each of the MBA programs. Some MBAs include subjects such as health services and accounting for those seeking a more specific qualification. Payment options, including FEE-HELP, are available for some programs and eligible students. Enquire about an MBA course with MBA Discovery to download a course brochure.
  • Course length
    The length of an MBA varies between providers and programs, with some flexibility in how long it takes to complete. Assess the duration of the program and how it could fit into your schedule before enrolling.
  • Method of course delivery
    While traditional MBAs are studied full-time and in person, online programs have become increasingly popular. The flexibility of online study is invaluable for professionals earning postgraduate qualifications and can mean no career sacrifices need to be made while pursuing further education.

  • Is an online MBA recognised globally?

    Online MBAs have grown significantly in popularity, and allow students all over the world more options for their postgraduate study. Whether or not an MBA graduate has conducted their business degree online or face-to-face matters little to employers. What matters more is the reputation of the university, institution or business school that is providing the MBA program.

  • How much does an MBA in Australia cost?

    Each university and MBA program has different costs, and the overall price can differ depending on the units undertaken. Generally, an online MBA in Australia costs between $30,000 to $70,000 to complete. Students may be eligible for FEE-HELP to assist with these costs.

  • How long does it take to get an MBA online?

    Studying an MBA online generally takes around two years of part-time study. However, flexible options allow students to complete the program over four to six years if required.

  • Does an MBA help your career?

    An MBA is an asset for career progression and offers many benefits. Graduates enjoy increased salaries, job opportunities, a broader professional network, and strengthened strategic and leadership skills.

  • Does having an MBA increase your salary?

    Salaries for MBA graduates are dependent on many factors, including industry and experience. However, studies have shown that having an MBA usually correlates to an increased salary for graduates.

  • Can MBA Discovery help me find the right MBA program?

    MBA Discovery makes it simple to compare the units, prices, and outcomes of MBA programs from four leading Australian universities. Our Student Enrolment Advisors are with you every step of the way, offering support and guidance throughout the process.

  • How to choose an MBA specialisation?

    An MBA should suit your current experience and future goals. MBA programs can be structured to include generalist business units or electives, including finance, health services, leadership, and information and knowledge management.

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The decision to undertake postgraduate study is a life-changing one. Before enrolling in an MBA, asking questions can help you prepare for the journey. Can’t see your question below? MBA Discovery’s blog covers various topics about the programs for a deeper understanding.

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