With a projected job growth of 11.4 per cent predicted for 2021–2026, marketing is an appealing career choice in Australia right now.

An MBA can help you establish a strong foundation in essential business principles and acquire vital skills and knowledge to navigate the complexities of the dynamic marketing field. From honing leadership capabilities to gaining strategic insights, this article explores the typical marketing career pathway and how an MBA can fast-track your marketing career path in Australia. We look at how to grow your marketing salary with an MBA and offer valuable insights into how it can help you achieve your professional goals.

Typical marketing career path

There are a number of paths you can take in your marketing career, depending on your experience and your interests. Let’s take a look at what a typical marketing career path might look like in Australia.

Marketing coordinator

A marketing coordinator serves as a vital link between various teams, helping to execute marketing strategies and campaigns. With an average salary range of $75,000 in Australia, this entry-level position often requires a bachelor’s degree in marketing or a related field. Some hands-on experience in the form of internships or assistant roles can provide a competitive edge in securing this role.

Marketing manager

Moving up the marketing ladder, the role of a marketing manager may involve supervising campaigns, analysing market trends and overseeing a team. In Australia, marketing managers can expect to earn up to $110,000 a year. This mid-level position generally requires you to have a bachelor’s degree alongside several years of experience in marketing or a related field.

Marketing director

Stepping into more strategic responsibilities, a marketing director is tasked with developing comprehensive marketing strategies aligned with business objectives. In this position, you could earn an average salary of $144,174 in Australia, which typically requires a bachelor’s degree and substantial industry experience. Some organisations might also prefer candidates with postgraduate qualifications such as an MBA due to the leadership and strategic skills required for this role.


At the apex of the marketing hierarchy, the CMO plays a pivotal role in shaping an organisation’s overarching marketing vision. An average salary for CMOs in Australia is $165,000, reflective of their responsibility and influence within the business. Aspiring CMOs often hold advanced degrees such as an MBA, which equips them with the business knowledge needed to drive innovation, manage teams and navigate complex market landscapes.

Experience career growth in marketing with an MBA

An MBA is particularly well-suited for marketers aspiring to leadership and managerial positions. It covers various core disciplines such as finance, strategy, operations and management while providing a broader view of business, polishing your leadership skills, encouraging innovative thinking and preparing you for a changing global landscape.

While the average marketing salary in Australia is $90,000 per year, according to SEEK, that figure covers a range of different careers in marketing – from social media coordinators and sales and marketing assistants to e-commerce managers and SEO experts.

With an MBA added to the mix, things can look very different. As you gain the tools and knowledge to confidently lead a team and align marketing strategies with an organisation’s overall goals, you can position yourself for more senior and managerial positions within the salary ranges of $140,000 as a marketing director and even closer to $160,000 as a head of marketing.

Explore MBA options with marketing core units

Today’s MBAs are designed to create strong leaders who are in demand in ever-changing global markets. At MBA Discovery, we partner with renowned Australian universities, each offering distinct marketing core units and electives as part of their MBA programs. Let’s delve into their various offerings that can support your career progression in marketing:

Southern Cross University’s Digital Marketing core unit

In this unit, you will:

  • dive into the world of digital marketing strategies and learn how to create well-structured digital marketing campaigns
  • analyse key digital marketing tools and how to use them effectively
  • develop proficiency in using data analytical tools for marketing purposes.

Victoria University’s Marketing Management core unit

In this unit, you will:

  • analyse critical decisions marketers encounter when aligning organisational goals with market demands
  • explore modern marketing practices that focus on creating value for both customers and the company
  • gain insights into the strategies and methods marketers use in today’s fast-paced environment

James Cook University’s Marketing Strategy, Analytics and Development core unit

In this unit, you will:

  • gain a comprehensive understanding of marketing roles and functions in today’s organisations and marketplace
  • explore the power of branding at both personal and organisational levels
  • develop essential skills in strategic marketing planning and implementation

RMIT University’s Marketing for Managers core unit

In this unit, you will:

  • earn the fundamental principles of marketing theory
  • learn practical marketing techniques, including segmentation, targeting and positioning
  • analyse market dynamics and develop strategic marketing plans
  • gain valuable insights into driving organisational outcomes

Is marketing a good career in Australia?

Marketing is a dynamic and evolving field that constantly presents new challenges and opportunities. With an MBA, you can acquire the essential skills for a successful marketing career path, gaining the essential business knowledge to become a valuable asset within any leadership team.

An MBA program will give you a deep understanding of market trends, consumer behaviour and emerging technologies. It can also empower you to make informed decisions and drive organisational growth. An MBA equips you with the ability to stay ahead of the curve, anticipate industry changes, and devise effective strategies to overcome these obstacles – emerging as a successful leader.

Ashok Alexander, Director at Operacy Staffing, says, “One of the main skills I found my MBA gave me was the ability to have an overview of the business. Rather than a single focus in, say, engineering, we were able to look at case studies to get a better understanding of functions across a business.”

Alexander also suggests that an MBA gives marketers a broader perspective and a deeper understanding of what’s happening in the market. As he puts it, “Doing an MBA can provide many perspectives, allowing for a more holistic understanding of the marketing industry such as how it is connected with other departments of business, like finance, operations or HR.”

He goes on to emphasise the importance of combining industry experience with the knowledge gained through an MBA. “I believe students who already have some industry experience will benefit the most from doing an MBA.” The fusion of practical expertise and academic insights creates a powerful skill set that enables marketers to thrive in the Australian market.

Explore where an MBA could take you on your marketing career path

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