Focusing on your skill set and mindset with an MBA can truly pay dividends. As you hone your critical thinking and problem-solving skills, you can motivate your staff to scale new heights and stay at the forefront in a constantly evolving workplace. MBA Discovery can help you explore your study options and find the right course to shape your future as a leader.

Are you ready to level up your leadership skills?

Studying an MBA while pursuing business leadership ambitions is a well-trodden path and will enhance your skills and understanding of the business sector through strategy planning, business sustainability, ethics, tech, finance and more.

It’s a sound investment for those working in business and management with a postgraduate qualification earning an annual median salary of $115,000 (Graduate Outcomes Survey, 2022). Compared to those with an undergraduate degree, earning an annual median salary of $65,000. In fact, figures from the Australian Bureau of Statistics show that people with an MBA degree have a good chance of finding themselves in Australia’s top two to three per cent of income earners.

Finding the right MBA leadership program

Investing in an MBA program offered by one of MBA Discovery’s university partners is a great way to launch (or relaunch) your career or grow your business.

What’s on offer?

Southern Cross University’s The Positive Leader core unit will teach you:

  • positive leadership models and language
  • leadership and change
  • psychology and managing people

Victoria University’s Art and Practice of Leadership core unit focuses on:

  • understanding the development of leadership capacity and action
  • values-based authentic leadership
  • direction setting and organisational goals

James Cook University’s Management and Leadership Skills core unit is JCU’s MBA leadership offering and teaches students about:

  • critical analysis of core management and leadership concepts
  • applying and evaluating relevant approaches to a range of issues
  • management and leadership practices

RMIT’s Leadership and Management core course and Leadership minor course gives students the tools to:

  • identify, assess and self-manage your strengths and challenges
  • ethically improve and diagnose organisational functioning
  • focus on personal branding, digital entrepreneurship and authentic leadership in the age of digital disruption

Our featured online MBAs

1 Southern Cross University logo
SCU Online MBA

One of Australia’s top-value MBAs

  • Two years (part-time)
  • Choose from four specialisations
  • Entry without bachelor's degree available
2 Victoria University logo
VU Online MBA

In the top three per cent of universities worldwide

  • Two years (part-time)
  • Four layers of dedicated support
  • Entry without bachelor's degree available
3 James Cook University logo
JCU Online MBA Global

Times Higher Education’s top 25 in Australia

  • Two years (part-time)
  • Three qualifications in one
  • Entry without bachelor's degree available
4 RMIT logo

RMIT Online’s MBA is the new MBA for the future

  • Two years (part-time)
  • Three qualifications in one
  • Entry without bachelor's degree available
  • Tailor your degree through minors

Learn leadership skills and more

Most MBAs will incorporate the topics of:

  • entrepreneurship
  • market and business trade
  • ethical and sustainable practices
  • digital development
  • marketing
  • finance
  • organisational/human behaviour

These courses, particularly an MBA focused on leadership and management, are in a class of their own in terms of delivery and skill set development.

Is an MBA leadership online degree right for you?

The post-COVID world is a place of workplace and educational flexibility, meaning there has never been a better time to study MBA leadership development programs online.

All four of our university partners offer easy-to-follow learning formats incorporating video, relevant links and materials, synchronised study sessions, student support, and flexible and accelerated learning options.

Common MBA FAQs

Here are some helpful answers to the most commonly asked questions.

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What are the best MBA leadership programs?

Your decision will ultimately come down to your individual career direction and aspirations. Each MBA on MBA Discovery can be completed online, with each tailored towards specific outcomes, goals and leadership styles.

For example, JCU’s MBA for leaders include subjects around corporate strategy, management and leadership skills and business consulting that are ideal for aspiring leaders and those seeking to upskill and advance their career. In comparison, RMIT’s MBA courses are positioned for emerging millennial and divergent leaders across a 12- or 18-course model, and includes units about leading in the age of digital disruption and design thinking.

MBA vs master’s in leadership – what’s the difference?

While the degrees have some overlap, the curriculum and outcomes can differ. An MBA is an all-encompassing course that focuses on a wide range of general business principles and skills, whereas a master’s in leadership centres on developing leadership skills, communication techniques and organisational behaviour.

What is the average time it takes to complete an MBA leadership degree online?

The time it takes to complete an MBA program will depend on the university and your chosen program. It can take anywhere from two years to six years part-time, depending on how much time you can commit to study for each unit.

How important is an MBA for leadership skills?

An MBA is an invaluable investment and will equip you with the comprehensive business knowledge and exposure to leadership theories you need to secure that promotion and excel as a future leader.

How much do leadership MBA programs cost?

Fees will vary between institutions. An MBA’s total price is based on the cost of each unit.

Becoming an MBA student

Ready to take the next exciting step to future-proof your career? At MBA Discovery, we appreciate your commitment and are here to help you every step of the way.

Course eligibility

Each university has specific eligibility criteria, though students will typically need to have completed a bachelor’s degree in a related discipline or postgraduate studies, as well as have experience in the field of business. However, some universities give students the option to enrol in an MBA based on their relevant experience only, widening the doors for those wishing to study an MBA who have no prior university education. Be sure to check individual course details for more information.

Credit and recognition of prior learning

Even if you do not have a bachelor’s degree, you can still find a pathway to study for an online MBA. Some universities, including Victoria University and Southern Cross University, consider recognition of prior learning and strong experience in business. Advanced Standing is also offered for some courses and is a great way to earn credits towards your MBA.

Understanding MBA fees

Below is a breakdown of the fees from MBA Discovery universities. Always refer to the individual course guidelines for more information.

  • James Cook University — $44,400 ($3,700 per unit)
  • Victoria University — $45,600 ($3,800 per unit)
  • Southern Cross University —$24,640 – $49,280 ($3,080 per unit).
  • RMIT University — $56,160 – $74,880 ($4,680 per unit).

We’ll help you find the right path forward

Choosing an MBA with MBA Discovery can open doors to rewarding career opportunities and plum leadership roles. If you want to better understand your options or are ready to take the next step, contact us today to learn more.

Speak to a Student Enrolment Advisor

Whether you’re ready to enrol, or just have a quick question, simply fill out the enquiry form below to speak directly to the university’s enrolment team. They will be able to guide you through:

Course eligibility and recognition of prior learning

Course structure and what you will study

Next intakes and how to apply

Fees and time commitments